A new student (kid) gets in a new school.
The teacher asks him: What's your name?
Kid: I don't know...
Teacher: Oh... Well, your homework will be to find out what your name is.
Kid: OK.
The kid goes home and then, sees his mom
Kid: Mom, what's my name?
Mom: Shut up! I'm busy!
The kid goes find his brother, who is watching his favorite show
Kid: What's my name?
Brother: Superman!!!!!!!!
The kid goes to see his sister.
Kid: hey, what's my name?
Sister: (misunderstands the question) Oh, no! Not that f**** crazy old man again!!!!
The kid goes to see his father.
Kid: What's my name?
Dad: (stuck in a chair, and just got out) Man! I'm out at LAST!

Next day, the kid really happy cuz he did his homework.
Teacher: so, what your name?
Kid: Shut up! I'm busy!
Teacher: What? Who do you think you are?!
Kid: Superman!!!!!!!!!
Teacher: Come, I'm bringing you to the principal's office.
Kid:Oh, no! Not that f**** crazy old man again!!!!
They go to the principal's and the teacher tells the principal everything.
Principal: You have sweared in the school. Now, you are terminated from this school for ever!
The kid gets kicked out of school and says: Man!I'm out at LAST!!!

Next joke:
The art teacher decides to teach the students how to draw an apple.
She draws an apple on the black board and asks the students: Can someone tell me what I drew?
A student: A big hairy @$$.
Teacher: How dare you be so not respectful!
The teacher goes to get the principal.
The principal gets in the class room and yells: It is not right to be dis-respectful to your teacher. (he turns around to the black board) OMG! I can't believe you guys even drew a big @$$ on the board!!!