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The only attack the white zetsu's seem to be capable of is absorbing chakra. Now I remember back in the Kage meeting, the white zetsus are also capable of transferring the chakra to someone else. This happened to Sasuke while fighting the Mizukage. I'm kinda thinking that Madara will eventually get all these absorbed chakra so that ha can simply spam Amateras, Tsukuyumi, Susano and Shinra Tensie against the alliance. Imagine just one fifth of the alliance's chakra all going to Madara, the amount of chakra is almost equivalent to that of a beast host.
intruiging idea honestly, but it wouldn't even need to go to that extent. we've already seen how the white zetsu can spread his spores through that technique, and that alone can be very problematic. just imagine, the alliance thinking they defeated madara's army, feeling relief and their wounded states, when suddenly the spores technique becomes activated! most of the wounded fodder average ninja get their chakra completely drained.

as some have mentioned, madara initiated the war with confidence, mone might add, before kabuto "offered" his help, meaning madara had a plan he was counting on to work long before kabuto's upgrades. through his zetsu clone army and also, i believe, the bijuus due to him using them as leverage when threating the kages. he seems to have a way to use them during the war. though ultimately he just wants the hachibi and kyuubi.. after that, his moon-eye's plan is almost certain to fruition.