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Do you have a better name for when he glows yellow, and has the Rikudou necklace showing?

I'd almost bet that Naruto will head straight for Kakashi's side, except if he can sense Yamato, then that's where he'll go.

If Naruto goes to Kakashi's side, we will see him destroy the Edo Zombies, and we'll see him completely eradicate Edo Tensei, without the need for seals. That's the probable reason that Kishi hasn't been back to Kakashi's fight for a few episodes.

Naruto will destroy ET by destroying/eradicating/vaporising the sacrificial body and the mud/ashes it is composed of. There'll be nothing left for the Jutsu to reconstruct the Zombie from.
1. I don't think he'll be heading directly to Kakashi, why? Kakashi made that statement that his boiling level never been so low and that he will show now why they call him the great copy ninja etc. It's Kakashi's RAMPAGE, so I think kishi will let him earn that honor. Besides, it's freaking TIME that we witness, how badass kakashi really is.

2. I also don't think that Naruto is heading to Yamato, why? That place is being quarded by Zetzu and he's watching over Sasuke. It would be too fast for Naruto for fighting Sasuke.

I agreed with POW, that it's time for him to leave; but if you think about: where could he made his epic entrance?? Naruto won't go to Gaara, Kakashi or even Kabuto. Kabuto said that even if the summoner of those bodies dies, those bodies will still be intact.
Don't know if he LIED to Madara about this, but lets say it's true; then it could be that Naruto is heading towards Kabuto and if he does: Kabuto's main mission will fail --> killing / capturing Sasuke. ALSO Kabuto's mystery coffin would be having no meaning if he dies..

So he's not going towards Gaara, Kakashi, Kabuto.. the only place where he could be heading to, is where Nagato and Itachi are. And while he's going towards Nagato / Itachi, Sasuke will arrive to. After Naruto owns Nagato and Sasuke owns Itachi,.. they'll fight eachother. THIS IS THE ONLY SCENARIO I can think about!