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Naruto spoiler [note: he keeps saying "nurupo" throughout the spoiler, not "naruto"]

Deidara's explosion shocks both Naruto's group and Akatsuki. They remark on it's enormity.

It then goes to Akatsuki's group. Kisame-san and Itachi are having a conversation with a strange voice.

Kisame-san (with a cool expression)- "Well well, another one of us bit the dust. And I thought he was pretty strong too. There's something I seem to be forgetting though..."

Strange Voice- "It looks like Tobi died too."

Kisame- "Right, right, Tobi, that was it. Still, I'm surprised that the coward wasn't able to outrun that...sure must have been one hell of a jutsu."


Suigetsu calls over to Sasuke with Kuchiyose no jutsu (summoning technique) Manda comes out. Sasuke applies a genjutsu to Manda and enters his body.

Sasuke-san looks messed up though.

And then, finally what looks to be the Akatsuki leader makes an appearance. He calls over to the Akatsuki woman, "Pein" [pronounced "Payne"]

The Akatsuki woman comes out afterwards. However, now it seems as if there's someone else above them who's pulling the strings.

The one behind the scenes tells the Leader: "You will be the one to capture Naruto. Failure is unacceptable."

And it ends with those orders being given.
Akatsuki Blue Hair

Akatsuki Leader

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