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    Quote Originally Posted by mbre2004 View Post
    hahaha tobi is a dead boy
    lol XDDDDD tobi is a good died boy you want to say XDDD

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    actually this is the chinese scanlated version

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    Another mysterious character -_-.

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    Moved to naruto spoiler forum and merged threads, as these are not raws.

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    yea blud tnx a lot ^^

    translation in English a po aprossimata and not certa,perĂ² it is better of void XD

    Full Translation by XFusionX at Nerutofan

    Translation of the chapter.

    Chapter 363 Sasuke's Death!

    Sasuke: Khu!
    Tobi: Wha...!
    The explosion causes the trees to disappear.

    People in the city: What is that!
    Pakkun: Kakashi whats that?
    Kakashi: This feeling, that chakra...its Akatsuki...
    Kiba: Whaaaat!?
    Shino: Hm?
    Sai's dog: What!?

    Hinata: ...Wh...What was that?
    Naruto: Lets go!
    Suigetsu: That place...
    Juugo runs.
    Karin: Sasuke is in that area...!

    Karin closes her eyes.
    Karin: I can't sense Sasuke's chakra...!!
    Zetsu: That Deidara...Exploded himself...Wheres Tobi?
    Zetsu2: Died in the explosion....He was probably in the explosion...
    Suigetsu: That area is our meeting place...What if...!

    Suigetsu brings out a scroll with a drawing of a snake.
    The drawing fades away.
    Suigetsu: ...It really happened!

    The scene switches to Akatsuki.
    Zetsu2: Deiara died. He finally went out with a big explosion.
    Kisame: Ah we lost anotehr member...I think he was quite strong.
    Itachi: So, which did he lose to...?Sasuke...Or Kyuubi's jinchuuriki?
    Zetsu: Sasuke. But...

    Zetzu: Sasuke died too.
    Itachi: .........
    Kisame: Killed himself along with Sasuke...
    AL: Be grateful of him Itachi. Deidara gave his life to eliminate trouble.
    Kisame: Hmm..We're forgetting something...
    Zetsu: Tobi apparently died. Deidara exploded with Tobi nearby.

    Kisame: Ya ya it was Tobi...But he was good at running and he couldn't get away in time...Must've been a big jutsu.
    AL: Its fine...A man of that level is easy to acquire. Deidara was precious though...
    Kisame: The ability to turn a gloomy organization cheerful, Tobi was skilled man at that.
    AL: I'm going...At least mourn for Deidara quietly.
    AL disappears.
    Itachi just stands there.

    Suigetsu takes out a bin and pours out blood.
    Suigetsu: Okay...

    Manda appears.
    Suigetsu: Th..This is Orochimaru's summon...Manda...Even Orochimaru had a hard time with this guy, yet how did he...
    Suigetsu looks at Manda's eyes.
    Suigetsu: Oh genjutsu...

    Sasuke appears from Manda's side.
    Sasuke: Ghu...
    Sasuke falls down.
    Suigetsu: What you're all torn up. Who did you fight?
    Manda: Those eyes...With those eyes...I...was controlled...

    Manda: You...How dare you...
    Manda dies.
    Suigetsu: Ah he died. Manda is that Orochimaru's first pet.
    Suigetsu: Animals should be treated nicer...Besides you forcefully used genjutsu on him.
    Sasuke:It was a last minute thing...I didn't have time.
    ?: Found you!!
    Suigetsu: !
    Sasuke: !

    Karin and Juugo run to them.
    Karin: So you're here. Suddenly your chakra vanished so I was wandering...You were flying!
    Suigetsu: You went inside Manda and used space jutsu to fly into a different space...But why are you so torn up?
    Sasuke: Right before I flew Manda and I received the explosion. My opponent was an Akatsuki. He was stronger than I thought...
    Karin thinks: Sasuke injured looks cool too...
    Suigetsu: Anyway you should rest for a bit.

    Karin: Weakling!! You're even the man that beat Orochimaru!
    Sasuke: Orochimaru was already weak. Thats all there is to the story.
    The scene switches, and someone is sitting.
    ?: Pain come here...He has arrived.
    Pain: !

    Pain stands along side the female Akatsuki.

    Pein: So...what happened to Sasuke?
    Unidentified: Good feeling...Sharingan's power was shown well...His eyes will surpass Itachi's eyes.
    The machine is ripened. His mind is made up...It won't be long.
    Pein: What about the Kyuubi?
    Unidentified: You capture him. As the leader failure will not be accepted.

    The end.
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    oh, and Payne (AL) was sent to captured Naruto. The real leader, AL, and the girl know Sasuke did not die

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    Naruto 363 Raw + English translation script (High Quality)

    Uh, apologies if i posted in the wrong place XD

    But here it is!

    Yeah, goto the link and scroll down for the HQ Raw images, the translation is right at the bottom.
    You might want to copy the translation into a notepad file so that you can look at the Raw and read the translation aswell


    P.S Not my work - credits to the site owner

    [Edit by blud: This is the same chinese scanlation that's been posted a few times]

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    wait, so is the woman pein or is the leader pein?

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    The girl is Pein I believe. Not sure though.
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    thats what i thought, but wikipedia says the akatsuki leader's name is pein...

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