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    6 bodies of Pain

    well this is simple and easy theory for you all xD.

    after reading 373, i have been re-thinking about Pain's bodies. At first, i thought

    those bodies were the strongest ninjas that pain/nagato have defeated; but

    coming to this chapter, i am thinking that those 6 bodies could be... the

    body of sage of the six paths.(maybe not, since the first body is most likely

    to be Yahiko's). but since his eyes AREN't changing at all, I think my theory

    could possibly be true.

    i also think that Pain & six sages of the path can be related to

    the statue that pain was sitting on at the end of chapter 325.

    only b/c the statue had the same eye as pain .. >_>;;
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    A theory of Six Paths being Six Bodies is already being discussed in another thread.

    Edit: this one:

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    and since when were there 6 sages?

    It's "The Sage of the Six Paths." Just one person.

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