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Well, yeah, except it would kill him afterwards.

Y'know, like it did to Sandaime against ET Hashirama & Tobirama. lol

I'm just joking with you :-) It DID kill him, though :-(
I always thought it was Orochimaru's sword through his chest that killed the third in combination with the dead demon seal he used via his real body to seal away some of Orochimaru's chakra, while the bunshins that used reaper death seal jutsu sacrificed their chakra to the death god. Chakra that was Hiruzen's, which would've weakened him significantly at that point. That was my interpretation anyway.

And yeah I can believe Kishi would make it so that jinchuuriki can't use that kinjutsu because it could make them too powerful and hurt the narrative, while cheapening the jutsu. It's just that at this point I can't see how else Naruto will eventually end Madara but still live to eventually become Hokage. Ah well, an abundance of unpredictability is hardly a bad thing.