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    If it truely is coming from above maybe it's the seven-tails. That thing was a giant flying bug right? Its also the the strongest one madara/kabuto has at the moment.

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    Originally Posted by lee-nus
    Good translation, but I'd like to point out a few things:

    * It's more like Shikamaru takes down Asuma, as in kills
    * Asuma enters nirvana. Guess this is a peaceful death, but the 「仏」 here is important, as he is a former monk.
    * Naruto senses something strange, or out of the ordinary - not necessarily a disaster or something.
    * Be starts to explain where the bathroom is (meaning he fell for Naruto's lie). The 8-bi commands him to stop Naruto.
    * Indeed, Shino's dad starts to speak. Then Iruka shows up (and "interupts").

    Interesting chapter!
    Quote Originally Posted by vered View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by takL View Post
    the first image,

    534: farewell, ino shika cho!!
    Caption "choji, the emergence of determination!!"

    Ino: ! (choji's got thin!..does this mean its the ?<cant make out because of the banner> he once did)
    Shika: its like...the same effect as the pepper-pill<?>. is he ok?
    Choza: yes he is! (2nd babble unreadable)
    He pulled off '<the mangahideout banner> Control', a secret of Amikichi clan, by himself without using a chrysalis. Therefore, no ill effect of a medicine.
    Asuma: Was the pupal shell harder than you thought?
    Now can fly, right?

    the 3nd
    asuma:i have nothing to teach you anymore”
    It was the perfect ino-shika-cho!
    shika: ...asuma...
    cho: asuma sensei

    (thank you)

    the 2nd
    naruto:...then, we can talk outside?
    Iruka: Gen-san.(shino's papa)..i will talk to him.
    Naruto: I (pronounced as 'e')...Iruka sensei!!
    End caption "Iruka to persuade naruto...!"

    "can naruto run to the great war? and choji will...!!!"

    ohana just says 'when shinos papa starts to talk, iruka...'
    otherwise very accurate.

    yea it's about the upcoming movie.

    the title is "blood prison"
    naruto is jailed... what on earth happened!?
    to be released on 30 July 2011
    as for the short one, naruto VS konohamaru
    the burning chu-nin exam
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