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    ^ O: That explains the sudden burst of new members! O__O; I must get that magazine! On the other hand... (Sticks to her currently owned volumes)
    I feel like a manga demon, I finished the entire DGM manga in one day and four sittings. xDD Had to get myself food; what got me started was the now wrong theory Mana was the 14th though, if I hadn't read that spoiler, I wouldn't have been so freaking obsessed with finishing the currently available chapters available at that time. Probably be less obsessive too. >_>;;

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    Hey, I've only watch the Anime. Should I read the manga too?
    Long Live Insanity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ichiedan View Post
    Hey, I've only watch the Anime. Should I read the manga too?
    You should!I watched the anime and read the manga, and even though the anime rocks, you're missing out on a looot if you miss the manga!

    Personally, I had a classmate who mentioned D.Gray Man, so a while later(like 5 months later) I looked it up and started watching the anime. I stuck with that because well, the story and the plot and the characters were interesting to me. It was a little slow at first, but it picked up speed soon. When I had finished the anime, I read the manga, so yeah...

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    Hey, I've only watch the Anime. Should I read the manga too?
    Totally! The manga has more info and manga just rocks over all ^_^

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    the manga is further ahead and best of all ............THEY CAN'T PUT FILLERS TO PISS YOU OFF!!!!!!!

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    Whaaa~ XD
    At first it was OK... I still loved Naruto the best, and my favourite pairing was still SasuNaru or NaruHina. :B

    I absolutely ADORED volume 2. All that hate on Kanda's part. I started to love them as a pairing. <333333

    I'd have to say that I love the characters the most.
    Then the story. I almost wanted to convert. <333 (Just kidding. XDDD I have no religion.) The more recent chapters knock me dead. O __O Loovvee~

    And I still have to say, comparing the anime to the manga, the manga is soooo much better. :C The only episode I liked was 93, but I only watched it so I could hear Allen's piano. And that episode wasn't slacked as much. Every other episode just bored me out of my freaking mind.

    The reunion of Kanda, Allen and Lavi blew me off my shoes. O __O <3333

    The battles were really messy and confusing at the Ark arc. @ _@ So I didn't really want to read the scanlations. After I got past that. So I stopped reading it for a while.

    When I got to the death of Tapp, I was like, bawling. ; __; I loved it~

    Tapp: "If I could live again... I wouldn't mind working overtime forever..."
    He was smiling when he said that...

    When Allen got his sword, I could have almost died.

    When Allen and Kanda were practicing sword fighting, with those insanely suspicious first two frames, I pledged loyalty to the pairing. :B It became my favourite.

    I save every page that they look good in, or when they fight. XDDDD

    The ark were Allen grew his hair, and Kanda and Lavi shrank: It SCREAMED 'shota'. <3333 I loved that picture where Kanda had his hand on his arm. <33

    I hate their new uniforms (the under layer). e __e You see, I really hate the pairing LavixKanda. RedxBlack. Hate it. GRAHHH!

    Even Hoshino said that black and white were important in the story. Thus, Gray in the title. :B KandaxAllen (Yullen) -> BlackxWhite. <333

    The G Ark right now is awesome~ XDDD That Kanda fangirl is so funny~ But it annoyed me that she didn't notice Allen! I hope Allen pulls off that unconscious flirty smile again and steal her. ; __; He probably isn't her type though. XD I want the inspector to try to couple Allen and her together, and have Kanda jealous, though. XD Imposssiibbllle~!

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