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    Fairy Tail 228 discussion / Fairy Tail 229 prediction

    New chapter is out!

    This is hilarious, the girl HAD to mention gray's name!

    Byebye Meredy, luvia is pissed now! xD

    Now we just need wendy to power-up and use her powers to restore some fairy's to full health. Marijane needs to kick some Azuma butt. Luxus will probably take care of the blue guy. What else do we need?

    Don't run Gray, confront urtear!

    I want to see a full team of S-Classmages vs. the best of Grimoire Heart. How epic would that sight be? A 2-pagespread with fairy's on 1 side, devils on the other. xD
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    Would love for Gildartz to take on that Bluenote, too. Sounds like two destructive powers have to meet somehow.

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    Hahaha, Juvia's freaking amazing I seriously love this Manga-ka man he gives fan service like no other Manga-ka's ever given ( as far as I know ) I love how Juvia sorta-kinda scared Erza at the end, freakin' epic chapter.
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    My god, this was one awesome chapter. Gray vs Urtear, will Urtear freak out and pwn Gray? Kana is seeing light and I guess it's the first master ghost. Natsu is going to go on a frenzy against Master Hades and hopefully will lose and learn his place. Juvia hearing Gray is in danger... lol... my my, never say that infront of her haha. Meredy is so going to get a fight to her now.

    Now, will Gildartz come back and be the challenge to Blue-note/Master Hades or will Laxus be the one to come?

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    One Piece

    Color pages plus a badass chapter! Lucy's breast size never see's to amaze me, especially the front cover. I like Meldy's and Azuma's colored too. Seems the Japanese portion with Gildrats was talking about the anime?

    Natsu lack of common sense haha! Happy hella funny still, Lucy getting payback indirectly lol.

    So Hades laughs at Fairy Tail taking out 3 kins and now we know of this even more deadly foe from Grimoire Hearts Blue Note but still seems Hades is above him.

    I couldn't stop laughing on how Meldy vs Erza and Juvia battle ended up. Erza at the last panel lol. This arc turning out a lot better now, way more than I expected.

    Didn't like Erza being 4th means Mirajane was 5th on Meldy's kill list.

    Besides all that, who the f*ck those Kana want to meet? Or can't meet until she becomes a S-Class mage. Lucy knows Kana's reason right? I don't think Hiro will do a a$$pull and make that person be Blue note..... has to be someone else. So the grave is at route E, seems the manga still keeping up with the map they gave us before. Anyone got any good ideas about why route E? Also I still don't get the reason why Kana knocked out Lucy, aren't they a team? Wasn't route E the quite route Gajeel and Levi took? Speaking of Gajeel he needs to recover and do some Kin a$$kicking like Natsu. Gray right now has so many possibilities on how he'll get involved. Damn so much this chapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Agustin View Post
    Hahaha, Juvia's freaking amazing I seriously love this Manga-ka man he gives fan service like no other Manga-ka's ever given ( as far as I know ) I love how Juvia sorta-kinda scared Erza at the end, freakin' epic chapter.
    Yeah lol Erza's reaction was like a mix of serious gag.

    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    Would love for Gildartz to take on that Bluenote, too. Sounds like two destructive powers have to meet somehow.
    Now that fight sounds real badass. Blue-note just in his first chapter not even showing us how he looks already sounds like the anti-Gildrats.
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    loved the chapter lluvia ftw I guess gray will found out about ultear soon
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    epic chapter just epic.

    i was hoping to finally get a gray fight but juvia made up for it. and natsu laying down the law like that D**N. well at least with mest there they potentially have a way to reach gildarts for some back up at least.also blue note looks like he is going to be epic. can not wait till the next chapter
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    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Awesome chapter by Mashima this, lol at happy @ lucy.

    Those color pages were awesome(maybe even better than oda's)

    I hope Natsu kicks some more ass this arc, or atleast gets another powerboost, because it seems like he still at the same level when the manga first started.

    And it looks like it happened, some people didn't want grey to recognize UR but he did.

    Like seriously the last 3 pages, my psycho bitch radar went off

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    Awesome chapter..........a little tired so will talk some more in the morning..........cheers

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    i loved this chapter

    loved the color pages
    are thouse guys on page 6 the voises in the anime?

    i stil think cana want to become s clas becouse of her dad and went of so she would be the only one to find the grave and become s-clas.
    she probebly putt lucy to sleep she she wouldnt stop her going there.

    if meldy goes crazy ass because of gray i wonder how ulteral will.

    and i loved the juvia ready to go psyco pose in the end
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