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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! [Book Spoilers, Beware!]

    There are so many spoilers floating around the web, now I couldn't believe in any one of them. In the end if you combine all the spoilers, it seems the entire wizard families has collapsed. I mean so many deaths, long time ago it said Hermione, Hagrid died, few weeks before it said Ron dies and so on.
    Now even the confirmed name of chapters seems to be fake.
    Also in one of the epilogue spoilers, man how many kids do they have in total.
    The latest being some 490 photocopied pages leak of the novel. If someone
    downloaded it, could you upload it in a file-sharing site(non rapidshare) and give me a link.
    Or atleast could any one of you post a confirmed list of deaths or epilogue. So if it is a good ending I am gonna buy the book or else just wait for few more days until someone uploads in ebook format.

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    Im looking forward to it on saturday.

    Ive never bothered reading the theories on the ending mainly because most of them seem to stir up arguments.

    3 days to go until its release.

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    21st July, so I guess it will be Sunday in my country. Usually I just read it online and than wait for my country's language version for collection. But now I decide to buy the English version.

    JK Rowling said herself that two main characters will die. I don't mind that as long as the plot satisfy me.

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    im almost dying to know how everything wil end. i also never read all the spoilers, most of them just arent true i would say. well .... everything we ever wanted to know will be explained (at least i hope so^^) till sunday i think.

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    meh i have nothing planned this weekend, might as well read it
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    *prepares for the long queue to buy harry potter

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    If Harry potter does not die, I will buy the book just to eat it.

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    Need to make some spare time to get it read before someone on TV thinks it would be funny to tell everyone the end.

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    Reserved two copies of HP and times!
    This is blud for blud and by the gallons!

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    I dont read the 'spoilers' or theorys cuz i dont believe most of them...but i am getting it delivered to my house ^_^
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