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    I think Halibel is #2 since the writer has something with women during the series, like Yoruichi who is quite strong
    little bit offtopic: he also has something with men and a lazy attitude, and being incredibly strong, like Kyouraku, Urahara and, Stark! that is why I think that Stark is #1

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    I'm still thinking she's number 7. I would think the only two female Espada wouldn't be so close in rank, and then there is the whole deal with Nnoitra. If Halibel was stronger than him, I'd think he'd be trying to do the same thing with her that he did with Nel.
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    While we're on the topic of Halibel, what do people think, even if Noitora is defeated, Halibel and her droogs can just jump in and start kicking butt, and Ulquiorra could come back, how is the gang going to get out of Hueco Mundo, I'm hoping some die personally, would really bring interest back to Bleach knowing that not everyone is safe.

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    I recon inoe is gunna do something like reject someones existence with tsubaki

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    yea man i think your right its really the only good explination...

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