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So Ultear is just the daughter of Ul. Gildartz leaves the island? Off to where?
Gildratz left with Fried and Bixlow back to the guild. Also seems Meldy can some how know where everyone is at on the island. How did she know he left in the first place?

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Gray and Cana are a year younger than Erza but both arrived at Fairy Tail before her. She is still considered a part of their generation.

Fun Fact: Gray stated in the Sorcerer's Magazine that he was close to Cana and Erza, so I expect him to have some part in whatever happens to her.

You're so right saying it's incredibly hard to predict things in Fairy Tail. So much since the exam started has surprised me, most of all completely switching gears from S-Class to Grimoire a few months back. I like that things are unpredictable though, means you never know what to expect.
Like that link you put up, I hardly remember the sorcerers magazine chapter. Gajeel's was the funniest, "Gajeel said that Fairy Tail has no good quality." Jet's answered a question foreshadowing one of Dark Guild Orencies cies members speed manipulator mage.

Yeah good insight on Gray seems he'll probably be involved with Cana as well. He got the panel of pondering what was up with Cana also mentioned she hasn't drank at all yet.