(YLOD = Yellow light of death)

Well it finally happened sort of... My system shut down and started giving me the blinking lights didnt see any yellow light but I knew what this meant. My system is dying....

I got one of the original PS3's Feb 2009 40GB model but it started acting up just yesterday. I went to the PS3 forums and found a list of people this had happened too and a list of system types here take a look. The list is a bit old but still that gives you an idea of which types are the least reliable.

Break down:

250GB = 3
160GB = 1
120GB = 6
80GB = 169
60GB = 875
40GB = 140
20GB = 38


Current Total of PSN Victim's = 1232*

The idea of sending it in to Sony then shelling out 150 + tax +S&H with only a 90 day warranty seems silly when I can buy a new model for $299. Of course my system would break down the same week I have to pay rent so that will have to wait.

In any case has this happened to anyone else here? Also can you state what model and when you got your system and when it died.