After day one we are left once again with Greg Anderson being taken to jail after refusing to testify. This is has been his means of action since day one. You have to wonder why the guy refuses to testify against his former client. Does he truly believe Bonds is innocent? Or does he believe that Bonds really is that naive that he didn't know that Anderson was feeding him Steroids so he's paying the price himself with Jail Time?

This whole thing has been put off for the past 3 years and just about everyone not involves with the trial has long forgotten about this gray area in Baseball history.

Here we have the All Time leader in Home-Runs (Not the Home Run King by mass opinion), the most walked player of all time, the most intentionally walked batter all time, and arguably the most feared batter to face. Well into his 40's he was still getting 4-balled. But with his age also went his once Golden Gloved arm as did his 300+ steals knees.

After effects of taking steroids is bone deterioration. This could be a very good reason as to why his body broke down how it did. Does anyone happen to remember the Skinny Barry Bonds back from his first few years in the league when he was a Pirate? He must have been somewhere between 170 and 180lbs. What happened to that skinny dude with the lanky legs? What we have now is a soft spoken monstrous looking Barry Bonds who in my opinion did indeed take Steroids knowingly.

And even though I stand by my opinion, somewhere deep in the back of my mind I'm desperately hoping that he gets away scott free of any type of jail time or anything at all.

He's well on his way to having his own time period named after him. The Barry Bonds Era: When Steroids Ruled The Sport.

And dammit I hate that this has happened. We already have Pete Rose, the All Time leader in base hits, barred from the game because he bet on the sport while still involved. I'm one of those people who think he should get his chance at the Hall Of Fame. How wrong is it that the All Time Leader in Major League hits is not in the Hall Of Fame and is banned from the game altogether, when he played the game the right way, clean all the way, Charlie Hustle, 110% All Day, Every Day.

Baseball is slowly losing it's mass appeal to the world. The Sammy Sosa's, The Mark Mcguire's, the Barry Bonds', there won't be anymore of these guy coming around. They were the last of their kind. Those who appealed to everyone, no one wanted to miss their at bats, the whole world looked in as Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcguire dueled it out to beat the Record. It was the most exciting thing to watch, and it was a damn good show.

And everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE, watched Barry Bonds's 756th Homerun sail over the railing in San Fransisco. We're never going to see players like these every again, and it's sad that we were given them thanks to a drug. But I really don't care about how they did it, I enjoyed it. And that's what the sport is about. Having fun playing the game you grew up watching your own idols playing.

I fear that if all goes wrong that the sport will forever be tainted by this little glitch in the system. That the clean players will even be questioned and the era as a whole be put to shame whether or not teams were playing fair or not.

I am desperately counting down the days for the New Season to begin, because all this talk about everything negative that Baseball presents is depressing. I can't wait to smell that freshly cut green grass and to hear the Fighter Jets to break to sound barrier in recognition of the new Season.

So Cheers, to a new Season. Let's all hope that our teams do their best and have a great year.