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    One Piece [Character] Roronoa Zoro


    This is a more specific thread just for Zoro and no one else.

    Is Zoro already utilizing hakki in his attacks?

    Did he kill/ defeat Mihawk during the 2 year time skip?

    How did he get that scar over his left eye/ Can he open his left eye?

    Just some questions to get it started off. yes i do believe zoro has hakki, and if he doesn't have it know its only going to be a matter of time before he does.

    Why do i think zoro has hakki
    1. He trained with Mihawk for 2 years and he is known as the worlds strongest swordsman.(speculaters - well mihawk was never shown using haki)

    2. Vista has hakki and he's a swordsman and is nowhere near Mihawks strength.

    I believe Zoro even used hakki in the past when he fought Daz Bonez in Alabasta, When he used Asura against Kakaku, and also when he sent Ryuma on fire during the Thriller Bark Arc.

    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    Since everyone is talking about Haki I might aswel jump in lol

    The way I see it when you add Zoro to the equation the only logical theory is Haki has a Ying & Yang variation. Theirs the Haki that Rayleigh explained and then theirs Haki like the one Zoro has which allows him to summon demonic spirits e.g. when he activates "Asura" & "Enbima Yonezu Oni Giri" you can clearly see a dark spirit.

    I still don't understand why Oda gave a good guy a dark element, a swordsman with demonic spirits would be more suitable for someone like Shiryuu not Zoro but since it looks awesome Im not really complaining lol.
    ^ like this idea

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