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    Funny chapter. But any amount of tension has been wiped. This guy was a joke. His power was kinda neat. But alas, wasted on Lucy gags.

    This style is either hit or miss with his audience. Those who wanted serious fights for each member are sure to be disappointed. People like me who appreciate a good gag fight like it.

    Either way, enough is enough now. I loved that little comedy routine, but it's time for Hiro to pick back up the seriousness this arc started with as we approach some of the more important fights of this arc.

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    Fisher Tiger is a punk ass bitch.

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    Yay, chapter 228 in ETA 3 hour. A special with 33 pages of goodness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosMaster View Post
    Yay, chapter 228 in ETA 3 hour. A special with 33 pages of goodness.
    Badass! The magazine really pushing Hiro to draw more and more pages lately. I wonder why? *cough* Anime! It's racking up mad money for them.

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