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    Slaughtering Of The Fogel Family

    Before you watch the following video, please note that this is a serious topic. There is much savagery in this world and there is an equal amount of evil as there is good.

    It is written that King David once spoke to God. And he asked God "Why can't you make everyone equal? Why can't you make it so that everyone has the exact same amount? You have the power to do so, you can make everything better for everyone." (Not the exact quote, but it's close)



    So God answered King David. He told him. "You're right, I can do that, I can make it so everyone is exactly the same. But if I did that I would be stripping you of the greatest act you can perform. I would be taking away the opportunity for you to be like me. To perform a Mitvah and do good for others, not because they ask it of you, but because you want to. If I made everyone the same then you would not be able to tell the difference between Good and Evil." (Again, the quote is not accurate, but close enough that the point is made)


    Amidst this act of terrorism and evil. This disgusting act of man, there is a light that shines through and shows us that behind all of the Evil man is capable of, there is a Good. An equal amount of Good, it's there to show us that not everyone should be judged by the acts of a select few. That everyone is different and they are their own person.

    The 12 Year old girl that was spoken of, that was not in the house at the time of the murdering of her family took it upon herself, a 12 year old girl, swore to her younger siblings, 8 and 2 years old, that she would be the mother to these two children and that she would take care of them and do what ever possible to be there for them. This child, is forced to become an adult at the ripe age of 12 years old, sacrificing her childhood for the better of her two younger siblings.

    After finding out about what happened to this Family of 8, a local Grocery shop owner, Rami Levi, who owns one of the larger supermarket chains in Israel visited the Fogel family during their shiva, bringing food for the family and guests.

    He walked in and out of the house, stuffing the pantry and refrigerator in their household stock full of food. And as the three children looked at the man doing this, he took a second to stop, and he told them. "You will have to get used to my face," Levi told the mourners and friends. "I have committed myself that every week I will deliver food and stock your home until the youngest orphan turns 18 years old."

    It is on this note that we as Jews celebrate Adar, a month that we're supposed to be happy and be celebrating, today is Purim




    There is not much to be very happy about in this world in this day and age. man is as evil as ever even amidst the destruction of it's fellow man, of course I speak of the Disasters over in Japan. It's hard to find the Good in this day and age, but it is there, attempting to make itself known, you just have to keep looking for it and you'll find it.
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