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For some reason I dont want to see a Naruto vs Itachi matchup. I liked Naruto and Itachi's relationship as is. As it was left, Itachi seemed to rather like Naruto. Even when Itachi and Kisame went to capture Naruto pre-time skip, it seemed that Itachi was sort of impressed/interested in Naruto. Plus Itachi even gave Naruto a special/secret power. I think that would be ruined if Naruto had to fight Itachi. Plus, who wouldnt want to see Saskue flip out at the site of his ressurected genious brother.
Agreed on all aspects. Yeah, we get new possibilities for match-ups but lose the previously gained relationship between Naruto and Itachi.
Although what some1 said earlier about with less zombies, comes more control, would seem to contradict with the possibility of them not being under control. Although also the fact that they were pretty much the best, strongest, and strong-willed of enemies would make sense that they might be the only ones still able to resist even though Kabuto has greater control. Fine, I am torn between the many possibilities.