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    rosrio vampire II is it over? !spoilersmay be in here!

    Hey i was just wondering if roario vampire II at chapter 39? I mean they could end it take a hiatus ( im not a speller) and come back with a third manga( Capu III). If any one could clear this up for me i would be very appreciative.

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    It's not over that's the only thing I'm sure of.
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    Whats makes you think its going to end any time soon? Sure it seems Tsukune is choosing Moka, though its been like that since the start. I also doubt theres going to be a CapuIII for the time being (at least untill they save Moka) - which will take a few months.

    Quote Originally Posted by butler13 View Post
    Hey i was just wondering if roario vampire II at chapter 39?
    Even if you can't spell at least try to make sense in your sentences - this quote of yours is a incomplete thought, who knows what your asking...
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