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    Naruto 532 / 533 Predictions

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    nice chapter 4/5
    ~aNtidOtes tO kiLL tHe pa|n~

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    Ah yes, the badassiery flowing out of Hanzou is priceless. Well done Kishi, well done.

    Hanzou, he really reminds me of Naruto, but it may be because they are both Uzumaki's(LOOK, spiral on his clothes. This would explain why he was able to survive the poison and adapt to it.

    He defeated his enemies and those, with great hope and faith, regarded as worthy ones by giving them names, the ones that one day may bring peace to the world, the true friends in battle for peace.

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    I REALLY hope Ino.Shika.Cho are slaughtered! No, only Ino.Cho. Shika is actually more than a worthless one-trick pony. GOD I can't stand those two.

    And this is a much-better ending for Hanzou. I want to claim that the flashback only happened to introduce the convenient plot-point of the poison sac to seal him, but it was too well-integrated. It played into his nickname, his knack for poisons, the reason for his mask, and gave great insight into the former "Salamander Hanzou". All in all, a great send-off for this shinobi, with no pacing lost in the story.

    And yes! I knew Asuma had more tricks up his sleeve. Though I'm certain this technique is pretty low-level, or he would've used it in the fight that killed him. Still, great to see what else he can do besides his chakra knives!

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    Nice chap! 4/5
    What's up Motherf*ckers?!...

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    This kind of chapters is the reason why I love reading Naruto. Not just mindless action but a perfect balance between action and drama. Kudos to Kishi!

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    This is the best part of this Edo war arc so far. Hanzou seems to have terrorized a lot of the people we know, but most of them still hold him to a great deal of respect, and now he shows us why.

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    Looks like Kabuto is losing his grip on ET even more

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwdotcom View Post

    Click on thread tools and choose Add Poll to Thread.

    Nice chap! 4/5
    Cheers, next time, I leave it to Roku. -.-'

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    Hanzo is a beast but i really expected some suiton from him.

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