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I thought he did, I mean, Sabo was really strong for his age but he wasn't "super human" yet ... and I'm assuming a cannon used by world nobles would be stronger then any normal hand cannon(Sabo was just stronger then a normal adult, even Mike Tyson would die being blown up with a cannon).

Lastly, I think its clear because the story was set up after Ace's death.. it would had been no problem for Oda to make up that arc before the war, for example - after Alabasta the crew could had asked about Ace. So I really don't buy the explanation "Sabo couldn't had came during the war because he wasn't shown yet".

As I have said, its much more likely Sabo was just made to help Luffy get over Aces death, and also it shown why Luffy cannot fail at becoming the PK - he was the youngest brother, last out to sea, and the last one to survive.. so he couldn't just stop after Ace's death he had to move forward.
well there are some possible reasons why he did not show up.
he might not remember, he might be with dragon and there for ordered or kept away from the war, he could have been to far away to make it in time.
any number of reasons. its just to easy for sabo to have made it out u know