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    could it be that the bearsy guy wants luffy to join the shichibukai? ;p
    he said "what i do here is for me to decide"
    this could mean that he wants to ask luffy something and luffys answer will make the bearsy guy to do something else ;p^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaaarrrggh View Post
    Kuma has nice warping abilities :/

    perona has been teleported to her castle dream somewhere i guess.
    Either he sent her there, or he could live up to his "tyrant" nickname and sent Perona into a volcano. Which if I had his "teleporting" power, I would send all that irritated me into a volcano.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saiyan_Yugi View Post
    You really only see people die when characters have flashbacks.
    True, however Blackbeard could have easily brought the injured Ace to the government, then they did away with him during the Straw Hat's adventure on Thriller Bark. Which later on in the story, the Straw Hats meet up with a Marine who tells them about his/her time with Ace in a flashback way, which ends with Ace's death.

    Since no matter what a lot of people say, Ace is a filler character that can be used to further the storyline so Luffy will have a fight based on the emotions of losing someone. Which has been the underlining foreshadow of this whole series, Luffy fighting and almost sacrificing himself each arc to protect his nakama. I'm honestly surprised that Ace wasn't killed off right after the fans were introduced to him.
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    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Bartholomew Kuma is a very interesting fellow, and his powers are cool.

    I'm curious as to his plans relating to Moria and Luffy. It's possible this is just a simple informational visit about the Blackbeard/Ace thing, but he could wind up playing a greater role.

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    I bet Kuma and Moria are about even in fighting ability with their DF, every time Kuma tried to poof Moria away Moria could just hide behind the shadows. I wanna know what Kuma's power is, Im thinking it has something to with that bible he carries.
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    Well, about Kuma's intentions, this is what i think.....

    yes, it could be that Luffy would be asked to become one of the Schikibukais..

    It could also be that he is being pursued by the world goverment and Kuma became interested to do the job??(doesn't really look like its his character, though!). and not the likes of ODA to have 2Shikibukais be fought at a time

    What, I really think is that Kuma will be the one to beat(or say stop) Moria from beating Luffy, maybe to drag Moria into a government meeting. Maybe Oda will avoid having Luffy beat another Shikibukai and let his bounty rise again immediately.

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    I hope he doesn't have to fight 2 Shichibukai at once but then again, the whole Enis Lobby end fight where all those guys from the Marines came out and started to fight the straw hats was something I definately didn't expect. Its still hard to think about how they got out of that situation, I mean there were captains everywhere and practically everyone had devil fruit powers, and right off the bat Zoro lost a sword to some guy who rusted it bare handed... crazy
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