seriously.. Gaara beats Itachi and Deidara beats Minato??

- It seems like Mifune is gonna show us, how strong a samurai can be

So we all know that Asuma is going to get sealed.. you see; I really love how these characters were summoned with Edo Tensei by Kabuto, but why do they get sealed so quikly?? As I said before; this wasn't the original plan for executing the 4th ninja war and I now that Madara Uchiha is gonna turn things up when he enters the battle, but I would like to see more of the ET zombies. This means that Nagato and Itachi Uchiha are also going to get sealed like they were nothing.. THOUGH I LIKE THE FACT, that we'll see how Pain fucked Hanzou back in the days.

- Maybe we'll see more flashbacks of Nagato and Itachi.. like; the illness of Itachi -> was it his Susanoo or did Madara really had something to do with it? So lets get this right:

- Sakura vs. Grand Ma
- Lee vs. Kimimaru
- Shikamaru & Co vs. Asuma
- Mifune vs. Hanzou
- Gaara vs. Father
- Tushikage vs. Muu
- Raikage vs. Previous Raikage ?!?!? Raikage is stubborn, runs towards own father to get rid of him.. or does Killer Bee makes the entrance?
- Kakashi RAMPAGE vs. 7 sword's men
- Old Mist Kage vs ....?
- Itachi vs. Sasuke -> well, that's just what I want and so far, every Edo Tensei fought someone who he loved, cared for or had any relations ( coming from the same village or just an old friend ). And I can't think about anybody else who would be a perfect match for Itachi.
- Nagato vs. Naruto ?!??! -> I know it's too soon for him to enter the war, but I believe that Nagato and Itachi are going to be one of the last Edo Tensei Zombies who'll fight.

- The Jinchirikuu's vs. Army.. Army will lose a lot of people and Killer Bee will take care of it. He might die in the end, but I believe that Naruto is going to jump in, after he has dealed with Nagato.
When this happens and Sasuke has faced Itachi, Kabuto will try to attack Sasuke.. this way Naruto has time to deal with the bijuu's, Sasuke will kill Kabuto and Madara enters the WAR. Everyone that's still alive will fight Madara Uchiha, while Naruto fights Sasuke.. Madara kills some huge characters, like; Tsunade, Raikage and many others. Well, I've told the end of Naruto many times, don't gonna repeat it again