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    Naruto 531 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
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    No storyline spoilers yest but some pics are up:

    Source: Mangahelpers
    Verification: Confirmed

    Pics:(in color)


    More Pics (Hanzou flashback & True face)


    Translation of the Pain dialogue :

    Pain : Do you remember my face ?
    Hanzou : What ? The Akatsuki guy ? But you're dead !
    Pain : You leagued with Danzou and betrayed us.
    But now you're only worried about your own protection.
    You just became another nameless trash.

    Pain : In the past, I respected you. But you changed.

    And now, I supposed you don't even know why you're going to lose now.
    Disappear !

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    Naruto 531 Spoiler discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    - Yea what I was waiting for Hanzou's flashback and his confrontation with Pain!

    - Have to wait and see what other gems this chapter has in store

    - Looks like Naruto & Sasuke have topped the 1 & 2 spots on the popular poll. The 4th Hokage is #7 ??

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    pics doesnt work

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    ^ Ditto To both posts.

    Is the translation from the beginning, middle, or end of the chapter?

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    I put up links to the pics. Will delete the post if POW fixes his links later.


    RS has some nice picture links and Text put up Now
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    Nice colored pages guess they just decided to give the big 3 color pages? Didn't bleach have color pages last chapter I know One Piece getting some next week, looks like is going be a awesome chapter. Pein/hanzou flashback, Mifune action and Asuma, but that doesn't look like Hanzou fighting Mifune in that pic.

    Can anyone tell me what those the Toc and next issue information: Say about Sengoka Armors and the bit about One Piece.

    As for the character poll I can't believe Sasuke came in second, like when was the last time he even had page time? Damn his fans sure are loyal.
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    seriously.. Gaara beats Itachi and Deidara beats Minato??

    - It seems like Mifune is gonna show us, how strong a samurai can be

    So we all know that Asuma is going to get sealed.. you see; I really love how these characters were summoned with Edo Tensei by Kabuto, but why do they get sealed so quikly?? As I said before; this wasn't the original plan for executing the 4th ninja war and I now that Madara Uchiha is gonna turn things up when he enters the battle, but I would like to see more of the ET zombies. This means that Nagato and Itachi Uchiha are also going to get sealed like they were nothing.. THOUGH I LIKE THE FACT, that we'll see how Pain fucked Hanzou back in the days.

    - Maybe we'll see more flashbacks of Nagato and Itachi.. like; the illness of Itachi -> was it his Susanoo or did Madara really had something to do with it? So lets get this right:

    - Sakura vs. Grand Ma
    - Lee vs. Kimimaru
    - Shikamaru & Co vs. Asuma
    - Mifune vs. Hanzou
    - Gaara vs. Father
    - Tushikage vs. Muu
    - Raikage vs. Previous Raikage ?!?!? Raikage is stubborn, runs towards own father to get rid of him.. or does Killer Bee makes the entrance?
    - Kakashi RAMPAGE vs. 7 sword's men
    - Old Mist Kage vs ....?
    - Itachi vs. Sasuke -> well, that's just what I want and so far, every Edo Tensei fought someone who he loved, cared for or had any relations ( coming from the same village or just an old friend ). And I can't think about anybody else who would be a perfect match for Itachi.
    - Nagato vs. Naruto ?!??! -> I know it's too soon for him to enter the war, but I believe that Nagato and Itachi are going to be one of the last Edo Tensei Zombies who'll fight.

    - The Jinchirikuu's vs. Army.. Army will lose a lot of people and Killer Bee will take care of it. He might die in the end, but I believe that Naruto is going to jump in, after he has dealed with Nagato.
    When this happens and Sasuke has faced Itachi, Kabuto will try to attack Sasuke.. this way Naruto has time to deal with the bijuu's, Sasuke will kill Kabuto and Madara enters the WAR. Everyone that's still alive will fight Madara Uchiha, while Naruto fights Sasuke.. Madara kills some huge characters, like; Tsunade, Raikage and many others. Well, I've told the end of Naruto many times, don't gonna repeat it again
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    We get to see Deva and the six paths of Pain, woot. Just like I imagined it, there's a knock on Hanzou's door, he answers, and Pain is standing there, "hello, 'member me?"

    Mifune and Hanzou knew each other from the past, and there's quite a bit of talk between them.
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    Awesome! I'd like to see Itachi in action next!

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    Great to see the reunion was presented in color.
    Wow I am loving Grandma Chiyo. That is 1 cool lady .
    Maybe if she gets popular enough she can kick Diedara out the top.
    In total agreement Aga Bomba.
    Kind of wish she was my awkward cool Japanese grandma.

    Damn Hanzo made a lot of enemies. Wonder why Kabuto can't control his zombies?
    Still confused. So Mifune beat his sword and pierced him? Not like it's over, he'll just heal move on, and this fight could still last a while.

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