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WTF is Cana thinking, anything to do with the exam should be the furthest thing from anyone's mind yet she knocks Lucy out and basically leaves her to the wolves. Without a good explanation, forget being an S-Class or quitting the guild, she's gonna get herself kicked out.
Yo I think its something more for Cana than just being a S class mage, she failed like 3 or 5 times right? Might had been looking for something, maybe she really is going to betray FT. It makes no sense to knock out Lucy just to find the grave since Lucy is her partner. Really liking how Cana being brought up right now. I also think Gray secretly followed Cana too he's a lot smarter than Natsu. Natsu was hella funny with the cross dresser remark.

So this chapter was the friendship message one,good that's over with. Seems the big fat guy going be the 7 kin who turns to the good side? It's obvious Lucy ain't dying, probably turn into some comical situation.