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    The interesting part about this chapter is byakuran.
    I am still wondering what he is doing there healing yamamoto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCarred Luffy Lvl:Z View Post
    Judgng by that comment Daemon made about being only 10%, I guess that wipes out any idea that Julie was a descendant. Wonder if Daemon has another option for reaching 100%? Guess it makes it possible that Mukuro is a descendant explaining why he needs his body, if it's to reach 100% power. Also this might mean somehow his real body is still out there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Light-kun View Post
    That's what I was thinking all along. It would explain why Daemon wants his body so badly, and why they posses similar abilitiies (Recreation of Chrome's organs)
    But like I pointed out, Spade doesn't seem the type to have only 1 master plan. He seems like he can accept and adapt to sudden changes in his plans. He would not take the chance something could happen to Mukuro and he would be left wanting. It's possible he has a couple of backup plans or Mukuro himself is the backup plan. It's also possible Mukuro abilities or 1 of his paths makes him a better host, better enough to possibly find something almost permanently lost...
    Like somehow perhaps Spade's original body?

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    Chapter is out

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