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Thread: Naruto Timeline

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    Naruto Timeline

    I thought it might be cool to make a easy to follow timeline because right now with everything going on its hard to figure out when certain events occurred in the past in comparison to other events.

    The point of this thread is to discuss the timings at which things happened and make it more detailed with events not already listed and as new events occur as the story progresses. Correct me if you think I'm wrong on something. Also, for right now im just putting the years not specific dates. Im only listing the things before the start of the series for right now.

    BS=Before Series Start

    1000s BS-
    Rikudou Sennin becomes first host splits the juubi into 9 tailed beasts.
    Rikudou has 2 sons, which become the ancestors of the Senju/Uzumaki and Uchiha.

    69 BS-
    Hiruzen Sarutobi is born.
    Konoha Council members are born.

    62 BS-
    Hashirama and Madara join forces to combine Konoha.
    All other major shinobi villages are created.
    Madara leaves Konoha.
    Cloud's Gold and Silver Brothers get swallowed by the kyuubi and survive.

    61 BS-
    Madara and Hashirama fight at the Valley of the End and Hashirama is victorious.
    Konoha obtains power of the kyuubi and Mito seals it within herself.
    Hashirama distributes the bijuu to other villages.

    60 BS-
    First Shinobi World War Starts.

    53 BS-
    Tobirama Senju is killed by the Kinkaku Force.
    Hiruzen Sarutobi becomes the Third Hokage.

    50 BS-
    Jiraiya is born.
    Tsunade is born.
    Orochimaru is born.

    32 BS-
    Kirabi is born.

    23 BS-
    Second Shinobi World War is taking place.
    Dan Kato dies.
    Nawaki dies.

    27 BS-
    Asuma Sarutobi is born.
    Kurenai Yuhi is born.

    26 BS-
    Kakashi Hatake is born.
    Might Guy is born.
    Obito Uchiha is born.
    Rin is born.

    17 BS-
    Itachi Uchiha is born.

    13 BS-
    Third Shinobi World War ends.
    Minato Namikaze becomes the Fourth Hokage.
    Rock Lee is born.
    Neji Hyuuga is born.
    Tenten is born.(But honestly who really cares)

    12 BS-
    Madara uses the kyuubi to attack the village.
    Naruto is born.
    Biwako is killed.
    Kushina and Minato die.
    All of the Konoha 9 rookies are born.
    One tailed Beast is sealed into Gaara.

    11 BS-
    Orochimaru is found guilty of killing innocent people from the village and he defects.
    Orochimaru joins Akatsuki.

    9 BS-
    Hiashi Hyuuga kills Could Ninja.
    Cloud kills Hizashi Hyuuga.

    4-5 BS-
    Itachi Uchiha kills his entire clan except Sasuke.

    I know I'm missing a shit load of events but this is just a start.

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    5 BS-

    Uchiha Itachi senses the presence of Uchiha Madara and enters into a pact with him.

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    Events I'd like to see added:

    Uzumaki vilage destroyed.
    Uzumaki kushina joins leaf.
    Uzumaki Nagato is born.
    Nagato getting Rinnegan.

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