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Yeah, I understood that his Ki center wasn't fixed yet - they said over time it would fully heal..

So I'm wondering during the process of it healing will he be able to use some of his own Ki, like say he's 20% healed could he use 20% of his Ki without passing out.

If it does work like that he is in a lot better position because the meditation/out of body training seems hax


Also, is Shiwoon and that girl from his school just good friends? or are they like boyfriend/girlfriend..

I know he says once she is his girlfriend but that may been a mistranslation (because i can only remember it being said ONCE), like they've never kissed or even held hands.. not to mention he goes weeks without saying anything to her.
that is a very good question tbh, it would be nice if he could use like 20% of his ki if his ki center is 20% fixed but i dont think so, and yeah, that meditation training is really hax, it just seems too easy, but it is apparently rather difficult to learn as sera noona havent learned it yet, which makes me think that shiwoon and so-sul are a lot alike in the whole legend about her condition as i think shiwoon has the same or something similar as he does seem to learn things at a very fast rate, just take the meditation training, took him 2 days while some havent learned it after several years of training.

it has been mentioned in the manhwa that she is his girlfriend, but they could just mean that she is a friend who happens to be a girl, and i think this is the case, due to the way she talked about that smiling blade guy to shiwoon, i dont think any girlfriend would talk about another guy like that to their boyfriend.