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    Naruto: 373 Scanlation (By Secludedly)

    Raw: JoJohot
    Translation: Hurricanes
    Scanlation : Secludely


    I had no involvement in this, im merely just linking ppl to it, should they want to read it. It was posted on NF forums.

    Its a good quality scan.

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    Someone used jojo's raw lol?

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    you're too troublesome Shikamaru-sensei's Avatar
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    not supposed to use someone elses work for your own WHOEVER you are

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    Delete this, the scan used jojohot material and this is not the right subforum to post this anyway.

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    I tried posting in the scanlations, but dont have permission.
    If you want to delete its up to you, I assume a mangashare scan will be on its way shortly anyways.

    not supposed to use someone elses work for your own WHOEVER you are
    I thought I made it pretty clear that this isnt my work.
    Im not using it, just sharing it.

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