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    Forum Trolled Tag

    Hey Ladies and Gents. I'm sure I've seen this game somewhere before.

    You've just been trolltagged!!!!

    1. Players slip a link to this page somewhere hidden in their post or sig.
    2. When someone gets fooled into coming here they have to post in here cussing the person who trolled them and/or add 'Trolled by Name' to their sig for a fortnight.
    3. So as not to piss off the mods strictly no threads can be created just for the purpose of hiding a link.
    4. The link is

    Examples: In the One Piece chapter discussions you could say found Pandaman

    Or in your sig say. Warning Extreme Fan Service

    I may not be that great at explaining so here is the link to the original rules I found on another forum.

    Have fun kids. It should be fun when ya get into it
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