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  • He is god.

    30 24.59%
  • He is one of my favorites

    47 38.52%
  • He is alright

    35 28.69%
  • He isnt that great.

    3 2.46%
  • He sucks.

    7 5.74%
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    He isn't as stupid as he used to be, what chapter are you on? The fight where he used the futon rasenshuriken showed this.

    Oh and don't write in all bold.

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    not just that fight but also against Zabuza, Kiba, Neji and even at the end of the second part of the chuunin exam he always shows good ahead planning. In battle (unless the fight goes Kyuubied) he tends to create a good plan and win with it or at least provoke serious damage.

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    i thought the poll said good not god, ehhhh but what gives to late.
    the guy has a lot of imagination, and he is a very good writer(we wouldn't be reading the manga if he wasn't)
    Quote Originally Posted by escapeejm View Post

    The kid is thick headed & slow.

    i agree, i hope in the next time skip will see him change for good.
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