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    30 24.59%
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  • He isnt that great.

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    i think we're getting a little crazy by calling oda a god. miura on the other hand certainly comes close to that title.


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    I like the new manga Fairy tail. it's drawn similar to one piece.

    If you want to know more about Kishimoto, read the earlier naruto manga chapters. At the end or at start, there is his auto biography.

    I think he is alright.

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    oda's not god but he is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    Has Oda made anything else brilliant other than OnePiece?
    Oda hasn't had a chance to make anything else as brilliant as One Piece, he's been working on it for over 10 years. A mangaka would be lucky to be as popular as Oda for as long as that, doing multiple series.

    Also, about Kishimoto, he's nowhere near god. He can't draw more than ten characters without making two of them look alike.
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    all creators of a series has control over the anime's. They must follow the story and even thou dont create the fillers have to OK it. The difference between One Piece anime and Naruto Shinpuuden is just waaaaay to big. Oda is always close to the manga but he never gave us 100 fillers of crap, he creates 1 filler arc (not too long) then starts with the still not finish arc and in between he makes a few specials. I dont know why Kishi dont takes notes from him.

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    i think he's a genius.. he is one of the greatest manga artists.. because naruto..
    and DAAAAMN.. he's imaginaton is so great.. for him able to name all the jutsu's..

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    Quote Originally Posted by k33p3r View Post
    i think he's a genius.. he is one of the greatest manga artists.. because naruto..
    and DAAAAMN.. he's imaginaton is so great.. for him able to name all the jutsu's..
    Yeah, you really don't know the meanings, right?

    Rasengan: Spinning Sphere
    Byakugan: White eye
    Sharingan: Evil eye
    Kage Mane: Shadow hand

    Doesn't sound sexy now, does it chimps? I swear, if I would've ever heard Neji shouting :"White eye" or Naruto screaming :" SPINING SPHERE!" I would've jumped off a 5th floor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    He's decent. (Alright)
    i voted the same

    sorry for the revival but somehow i think kishi's imagination is suffering from corrosion as the years pass
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    I voted he's one of my favorites, he's way better than alright, one of the best imo. btw mgsplayer, just curious, what other manga have u read, gimme some suggestions.

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    What? now that the manga is gonna kick ass?think about it:
    Pain is gonna go after Naruto, who is fighting Madara, who is waiting for Sasuke vs Itachi fight to end(seemingly), that is being protected by the Kisame vs Suigetsu fight.

    the storyline has also just reached the revelation point:
    the true purpose is gonna be revealed and there will be 1-3 arcs tops, bigger than any before till the final arc (or several smaller), which i gonna be awesome.

    Kihi is one of my favorites but I prefer Oda's One Piece 1000 times to Naruto (even if I like Naruto's story)

    Anyway I rank One Piece in the same category as NGE (legendary) and Naruto in the second degree below (Excellent) with Desert Punk in the middle (holly mf what the hell....) but don't ask me why I like DP so much......I just kinda fell in love by it.

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