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Something I forgot to add earlier, I too wonder if Orihime has been training her powers? She looked about ready to call them out, reaching for her collar or shirt pocket where she prolly keeps her hairpins now. Also her attitude did indeed seem different from previous times when she has faced a conflict.
Actually, she was just getting ready to take her jacket off... :-p

And.. omg.. is that squall? O.o Though, his scar actually looks like it covers his eye..

But really, he looks familiar for some reason..

"Of course not... Ichigo would never" is extremely vague.. It could be like ichigo joining enemies of SS.. Someone died by shinigami powers and they are suspecting ichigo.. Or just that ichigo is using the badge in some way he shouldnt be which may lead to some bad circumstances.. >.> W/e it is.. i hope we find out in 439.. >.<