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    Imagine if Bee could use all 5 legendary weapons. :3

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    Ino-Shika+any 2 or 3 people who can handle the legendary Weapons=Edo Zombies All Sealed

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    oh, yeah, this manga is called naruto, not ninja war
    Ona sanja da sam oprao ruke,
    Da sam obrijan, da sam lep.
    Toplo je na jastuku,
    u polusnu.

    Mirise na dorucak.
    Prijatan glas iz druge sobe se javlja,
    Kaze da je pocelo.
    Kaze da je pocelo.

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    What's a chilli chilli

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raf View Post
    oh, yeah, this manga is called naruto, not ninja war
    Exactly why I snicker when people whine that these filler corpses get killed like fodder. My only complaint is that some of them are getting more than 1 chapter.

    EDIT: @Paul. Mistranslation, I guess. It says Naruto practicing "chirichiri" with Bee. Chirichiri means bits and pieces, so it's probably supposed to say were shown a montage of Naruto practicing random things with Bee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takL View Post
    naruto notices the oddness...!!

    from the first page to the 2nd of the scans Idol posted
    see my previous post

    Kinkaku again strikes with the tail which is stopped by choza with his belly.
    choza: what's this? a jinchuriki?
    an old shinobi: now that we're allied i think there'd be no issue if i tell, so i gonna tell you the story. long before madara uchiha tamed 9b, kumo tried to seize the natural calamity aka 9b! kinkaku-sama and ginkaku-sama were eaten by 9b then...and when they got out of 9b they became like that, it seems!
    Shinobi A: got out (of 9b)!? From the ass, huh!?
    ShinobiB: don't be an ass, contact the headquarters immediately! Ask for the countermeasures!

    @the HQ
    shikaku: are the reinforcements not there yet!? What is the state of Darui the first unit like?
    Inoichi: seems like they caught one of the enemy's main forces! But then kinkaku's started to rage in a 9b shroud.
    Raikage: hurry up! Once kinkaku gets so, he won't be touched!
    Tsunade: 9b shroud, is it!? i knew they bore 9b chakra but how can they 9bnize when they arent jinchuriki!?
    Raikage: they were inside of 9b for two weeks long. ... they say that the two ate 9bs flesh to survive. No one ever eats 9bs chakra meat other than them.
    Tsunade: ...
    Raikage: i hear some in kumo followed suit and ate 8bs tentacles....apparently they couldn't make any jinchuriki but the dead. Perhaps the brothers were special...related to the rikudoh sage by blood, i suppose.
    Tsunade: but how can we get hold of such a one?
    Raikage: there is a one and only measure...although Kinkaku has massive chakra and strength, we can utilize their last treasure implement the other way round to seal it ... ...follow me....
    Tsunade: ?

    darui ducks and dodges (kins) attacks.
    Darui: (would be great if i could seal him in this gourd....the rope on his left arm aint seen behind the 9b shroud...not likely i can nick it.)
    ShinobiC: commander darui, a message from the HQ ! says "Kohaku no jyohei (the Amber Jar of Clarity)" will be sent to us!
    Darui: ! Is it so...(that'll be a bit more useful than this gourd...)

    Raikage: this is one of the treasure implements that have sealed 8b, "kohaku no (amber) jyohei(clarity jar)"
    tunade: it's rather a pot than a jar
    Raikag: unlike the gourd called beni-hisago, just with the target responding to the holders call it records the voice of the target and seals the target in.
    shikaku: …
    Raikag: only this one is taken off kin gin brothers...we'll send it to Darui to seal kinkaku!
    Shikaku: but the war situation is tenser. to carry this, time is too pressing on us ~~
    raikages secretary (mabui): ma Lord Raikage, its ready! It can be sent to darui anytime!
    Raikage: mabui's nin-jutsu is the instant object transport that sends things at the speed of light. Thats way she became my secretary. i had her prepare the jutsu in case things like this should happen.
    Tsunade: then again if it was their nin-tool they should know how to deal with it.
    All depend on how to make them respond and to seal them tho.  
    Shikaku: this case, i have an idea
    Raikage: we both have excellent people, dont we...Tunade
    Mabui: tenso(heavenly transport)no jutsu!!#

    the pot arrives at daruis place.
    Darui:here it comes!

    inoichi: this jutsu won't last long!
    shikaku: i know!
    Inoichi puts his hand on shikakus forehead.
    shikaku: listen to me, shikamaru, choji, directly talking to your heads via inoichs jutsu
    Now listen up carefully
    Shikamaru choji ino: !!!
    shikamaru, choji and ino are running toward the spot to reinforce (darui's unit)

    Tente: everyone's done in and im alone...!

    darui behind a rock: (so, how can i seal him with this?)
    Kin: thats the kohaku no jyohei we used to possess. I see...they are up to seal me with it)
    Darui: (...where hes gone?)
    when kinkaku tries to attack (at darui) from behind, kituchi punches at kinkakus flank.
    Kitsuchi: sorry im late!
    Darui: kitsuchi-san
    Shikaku: (darui, this is Shikaku @ the HQ speaking. Listen to me..)
    Shinobi D: look! The reinforcements!
    Kurotuchi: Go oooo!!
    Shikamaru: (we're against the legendary monster who ended the 2nd hokage, kinkaku or whateva...! we're in a bothersome situation)
    choji: (somewhat im getting scared...)
    Ino: (hey... don't be sissy, you boys....)
    Shikaku: (a legend of the past tends to get fins and tails, frills and embellishments...and by going beyond it a new legend grows up! If they are with 9b power, u're with the power of ino-shika-cho bond!! The chain of Ino-shika-cho is one of the greatest legends in nin-jutsu if not the greatest! Be confident in yourselves!!)

    Choza: (here they come!)
    asuma sees shikamaru, choji and ino running
    Tenten: another reinforcements!

    Ino:sorry to be late..
    Shikamaru: so he is....
    choji: how dare you do this much (to my fellow shinobis)...!
    Darui: now for all at once backup !! Throw your kunais to death!
    Kin: to hell with these copper nobodies!!
    Hell lots of kunais fly. Kin defends himself with the tails
    Choji: the nikudan(meat ball) tank!!!
    Kin: U rat...
    Kin flings choji down
    Shikamaru: Kagemane succeeded!
    Kin: (like id be stuck in this for long...) vhooo!!
    kin frees himself from Kagamane.
    Tenten: kagemane got repelled!!
    Kins tail is/tails are about to strike shikamaru~

    the last two pages idol posted. see my previous post

    kinkaku and ginaku, concurred completely!!

    next week, the teacher asuma to (the student) shikamaru...!?

    the end of the chap★sir-say

    somehow im excited ~!!(ohanas shout)
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    I guess the few of us had some merit with our guess that the brothers may be related to the sage after all.
    I am an artist, and my medium is death. I'm about to create my masterpiece :s

    Fan of the Rasengan Doujutsu theory, even though it's dead. Although, he does have the special Uzumaki clan blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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