oh wow, it`s

a good chapter. I am honestly impressed.
1. the magical sky cannon again? yeah, it was so effective last time...

2. nice fight so far, I like Caprico's deal. He's a slave who is his own master, and masters those who would enslave him. plus hidden backstory with lucy's mom.I quite like the idea of Stellar Spirits summoning Humans to fight for them.
That's kind of clever for Mashima, I hope he goes into more depth with it.

3.Lucy would be a much better character if Mashima stopped using her as a constant sex symbol and focused more on her back story, like this chapter. She's had plenty of serious moments (the Loke Arc and the end of the Phantom Lord Arc, for example) but sadly they seem blatantly overshadowed by her constant stream of fan-service. Mashima, I understand you're a guy and all, but cmon'... don't degrade your characters when they have potential to be so much better.

4.I'm surprised no one died from this though.