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    This was really good! I like the development of capricorn´s story. This is gonna get interesting.

    I really hope lucy will get to use some of her newer spirits. Obviously gemini could be SO SO usefull in these fights. Hopefully she will use it well.

    Lucy has so many untapped potential and latent magic powers, i really hope she gets a bigger power boost soon. Maybe after she collects all 12 zodiac spirits her power will exponentially grow.

    Would be nice if she could start using those epic star spells and maybe even the celestial king eventually. She´s obviously destined to be the greatest spirit mage to walk on the face of the earth.

    So lets talk about what lucy is missing:

    -capricorn (the guy has the power to decrease the magical power of humans, and controls an army/casts spells) Great addition to lucy's team.

    Hopefully libra has something to do with spellcasting. Would be nice of it is a spellcasting spirit or has timemagic or whatever.(balance)
    Pisces could take many shapes really, curious to see.

    How cool would it be if she learns to summon more at the same time and starts focusing on casting epic spells that summon stars and then spirit king/queen or whatever. xD
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