Figured I'd contribute to this new section so I'm picking a topic that's relevant to me.

I'd like to know what the other brits on the site reckon to all these ridiculous budget cuts.
At first I wasn't all that bothered by any of it except the new 20% VAT/Daylight Robbery Tax, But I saw an MP talking on the news last week, he was saying how important the Citizens Advice Bureau is and as such there had not been any cuts made in funding to them.
I couldn't help thinking the guy was talking absolute bollocks and contradicting himself.

I worked at Bassetlaw Citizens Advice Bureau last year and have been volunteering there since my contract ended. Thanks to Cameron, the bureau lost 67% of it's main funding which came from the local council, our debt help department has all but gone because FIF (the organization which funds the debt workers) have lost almost their entire budget.
Also thanks to the cuts, Trading Standards are being pushed on to the bureau and while funding has been put in place for it, It's only going to be enough to set up the call centers, there isn't going to be enough to employ people to man the phones.

Basically, thanks to these cuts, people are going to be out of the job, their debt is going to increase and there will no one to help them because Cameron indirectly made all the fucking debt workers redundant.

I think the government is rushing these cuts, too much, too fast. More harm than good is going to come from it. 'Course the MP's don't give a shit as long as it's not their own wages taking a cut.