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    Alternate Naruto manga beginning?

    I started watching Naruto anime than started reading manga after a while..So I never read chapter 0 posted on One manga website...Im not sure if other people missed that also..Is it an alternate beginning? or is it fan fiction?

    One Manga | Naruto Chapter 0 Online Scans

    It was very interesting read for sure...shared some similarity with current manga but totally different i guess.

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    hello nop the manga number 0 is a pilot, it isn't a different beggining

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    Lmao that Pilot Manga is really SHIT!

    9 Tails? His dad?

    9 people? Sealing it? Load of bollocks and everyone looks weird lol, glad Kishi changed the story!
    Orochimaru reminds me of Michael Jackson... Hes pale and has long black hair LOL

    "Come here Sasuke, I'll show you the true power of the white snake" ROFLMAO

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    i only read until page nine - the drawing looks like the real thing - but the story is a bit ... boring, i guess. find a friend ???

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    This shit is oooooold.

    I always thought it was the first chapter Kishi wrote, then he decided to change it. I'd like to see where the manga could have gone if it had started with this though.

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    wow wtf this is glad naruto didnt start like this

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