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America might have had a "surplus" technically, but we've always been in debt to other countries basically since America formed.

So because you don't like some1, you think they shouldn't be president and feel vindicated in that attitude? lol
You do realize in depression/ repression situations, you often don't see results to get out from under the depression/ repression situations for years, (not to mention those results can still be slim and not even go well forever), yet you automatically expect results? funny. People do realize that the effects of the depression although lessened still had an impact on the state of affairs of this country till this day, more than 70 years later. This was either going to go bad or worse than bad with the slimmest margin for possibly coming out of it. The only mistake Obama made was becoming president at this time when no matter if things changed drastically for the good, some1 would always be there to complain that he missed this or that. Sincerely doubt things would have changed too much for the better no matter who took over.
well the thing is i see him as a douche because he is not really doing any thing to help matters. and you implying that what he is doing will actually help down the road which almost none of it will.