As promised, we're making big changes to make MangaShare more reliable on release days. We've been in consultations the last couple weeks with our new datacenter on how to properly set this up.

I know I've promised to squash these errors the last couple weeks but we had to redo our server order twice to make sure it's what was best for MangaShare. After this weekend we'll have completely transferred over and be problem-free indefinitely.

There will be several stages to arrive at our final setup as we need to phase in the additional servers. We've already done the first step, which is set up our dedicated database server. You might experience some minor periods of slow access or low bandwidth errors during the setup. Right now our web server and database server are on 2 different sides of the country

There is more good news though, our increased limits will allow us to expand our website past a simple forum and into something much bigger, and better for the community. There are at least 3 major site expansions coming to MS, a new skin, and a big upgrade to the header portion. We'll also be looking at existing features to improve on them and possibly add more interactive modifications to the board.