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    I just realized there are only four descendants of the Rikudou left. Tsunade, Naruto, Sasuke, and Madara. DAMN his lineage is almost extinct.

    Darui is fucked unless someone comes to save him.

    How fuckin long is that tail?? Looks way more beastly that Naruto's six tailed transformation but then again i doubt that Kinaku can go beyond 6 tails.

    Samui and Atsui better not come back Kishi has to learn to kill some good characters i mean its a war for god sake.

    Kakuzu is back hell ya i hope he gets at least one good fight but i doubt it.

    Where the hell is Itachi and Nagato, its about time we see how Kabuto uses them.

    Is Naruto still the main character in Naruto? i think hes been demoted to a side character.

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    I think they're not Uzamakis either but they are somehow directly linked to the the Sage probably through traditions like weapon usage or clothing. If one has red hair, does it automatically make one an Uzamaki? Let me see... Gaara, that medic from Sasukes team... Well, they seem to have unique chakra and an above average chakra pool.

    According to Madara, if an Uzamaki overexerts himself, his hair turns into white snow just like what happened to Nagato, What if as the Uzamaki clan intermarried with different clans, their trademark red hair slowly fades into white as generation passes and the same goes with the massive chakra pool associated with it. So far, we've seen skillful and powerful white haired shinobis. There are exemptions though.

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    id think the long tail draws chackra from the 9 maybe we will see naruto "!!" connected with this zombie via tailed rainbow

    Naruto will be able to try his flash powers! and drain this fellow...just like he did with 9 tailed beast

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