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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 528 : "More Than 'Dull"

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    Help me Kinkaku.... Poomp


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    great chapter, thought that was a nice fight and next chapter should and probably will be just as good.
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    Awesome chap. Darui looks better each chapter as well. Hell probably be saved next chapetr since those things use up so much chakra and he is facing a enraged kinkaku.

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    That's one macho Kyuubi. LOL!

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    6 ? Isn't it a little to much and there were 2 of them... although on the other hand, half of kyubi is still 9 ;P.

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    Nice chapter, but i am still not sold on the idea that someone who absorbed some of the kyuubi's chakra (but is not a jincihuriki) can do a partial Bijuu transformation. It would be like Garra transforming into Shikaku again, I could understand if he could maybe do the stage 1 cloak, but 6 tails? If he can do the Bijuu bomb and Naruto cant something is wrong.

    Darui is pretty cool though, but how long will he be able to go, with the gourd sucking out his chakra?

    What is the tail that is reaching all the way to the beach?
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    Brawlic Kyuubi ! Shit just got real.

    Becoming more of a fan of the Hidden Cloud Village the more they keep showing their story and abilities.

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    - Nice the word play game reminds me of the 8th Squad Captain from Bleach Shiki ability.

    - Pretty much the strategy I laid out getting the sword then gourd but since the other brother has that rope already around his arm I'm not sure if it can be used against him.

    - Heh seeing the pseudo jinchuriki in the cannon story line proves the Sora arc in the anime was not so far fetched.

    - Makes you wonder though if that all it takes to make super ninja they could have just thrown some random ninja into all the tailed beast stomachs lol

    - Kakuza also knew the brothers hmmm makes me wonder if the brothers didnt die based on their attitudes they may have ended up in Akatsuki.

    Felt like a short chapter but it was decent.

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    That will happen when you get sucked inside the 9tails. Let's see how Darui will handle this.
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