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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    LOLZ, that's exactly what happened to the main hero xD.
    But we know its temporary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himura Battousai View Post
    I hope you mean Yuzu.
    Is she the black haired one? Yeah meant her forgot her name.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    His fullbring is pretty good, that is if you know what it really is.

    Ichigo works based on his instinct, his badge possess all of his exp, so it works on experience. Her basic battle power is the same as Zangetsu's, but by possesing the exp, it can adjust to the type of enemy it fought before; the longer the battle, the stronger it should get. Through the exp it would find a weak point, or a good strategy and Ichigo through his instinct would know how to use what the badge knows.
    Reading this actually got me interested in his full bring now, thanks for insight on what I missed even if it doesn't end up like you said.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    The thing about manji/swastika thing is that there's nothing wrong with the swastika and in fact I'm perfectly fine with Kubo wanting to call it that (the only difference between the two is that they spin at different directions), the problem are the people who are better at proving Goodwin's his own law right than Goodwin himself - those who initially referred the symbol to Nazi Germany. So if we're going to discuss ancient Meso-American cultures, we should always call it Nazi symbol too whenever it's found on a wall somewhere, aight?

    Furthermore, that's not the only place where the swastika is found, as has been pointed out, the etymology of the word stems from India, but according to the Wikipedia page the swastika has been used as a symbol in Europe as well. So sod off you Nazi Germany wannabes, the swastika obviously got no context nor reference whatsoever to Nazi Germany and Kubo obviously did not intend it that way since there is no reference to Nazi Germany whatsoever in Bleach (if you want references go read Hellsing or something).
    Yo that's similar to why Oda drew Whitebeard's Flag when it was first introduce like that. Because of that history and not the Nazi crap, but I'm guessing he got to much backlash about the Nazi crap and changed it next time he drew it.

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