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    I just downloaded this and started watching it, I read that it was a shoujo and after watching the intro it became quite apparent that it was very shoujo.

    i figured what the hell i'll give it a go anyway and i found it to be hillarious.

    Ive seen it mentioned on here a few times but i thought i would start a thread
    for it as i'm curious to know what the rest of you thought of it

    The only bits that ive seen so far that really gives me the creeps is the twins and thier "brotherly love"

    Any way if any of you enjoyed it please feel free to add a comment

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    yeah i read it it's really good
    i agree w/ u on the brotherly love thing
    also haruhi's cross dressing is kinda weird...

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    meh, Iv basicly given my opinion in the shoujo manga section thread.
    Basicly, if you like it, read the manga.

    As for the brotherly love; at first it reeaally creeped me out. But I got use to it. It kind of desencitised me to all yaoi, lol. Before yaoi made me uncomfortable, but now im ok with it.
    Btw, while the anime hints that the brotherly love is real, the manga hints that the brotherly love is fake..

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