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    ah,yeah... I couldn't understand the spoiler then but after your post I kinda get it now. That must have been a really quick thinking in Darui's part. I see him now as 'Kakashi' of the Cloud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammered118 View Post
    IMHO - Dont think so!! I think that Darui's earlier most used word was "DULL" but he has also used sorry almost as many times ( apologizing for Raikage). So when he was being sucked in he started to repeat 'sorry' again and again so that it suddenly became his most used word. Doing this some how confused the gourd which had to let him escape.
    Yeah. Thats what is in the spoiler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majin Lu View Post
    Full script from ohana

    Quote Originally Posted by akoftroy View Post
    Darui-I'm sorry... Even with me as your bodyguard your left hand was...
    Raikage-Don't worry about it.
    Raikage-I have no regrets about my left hand because I have two right arms.
    Raikage-Yeah, this one
    Darui-Maybe we can include Shii and make it three?
    Raikage-Fine, no harm in having more.

    Darui-I ain't no tool, I'm the Boss's right hand man!
    Quote Originally Posted by akoftroy View Post
    Darui-It's true that words can be tools used to lie and trick people. But sometimes...
    (Darui remembers Raikage's words and points to his heart)
    Darui-...they are important things that express the truth of what's in here.
    Full English Script or the Chapter, whatever is out first, coming Soon. Well, the script may out in the hour, for the chapter, bleach is gonna hit first, then another 3-4 hours after that for Naruto.
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