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    How to make a graphic fainter for watermark/backround?

    I have a simple single-color graphic, on a white background, which I want to use as a background on an Excel spreadsheet. It works fine except that the color is too dark, so it's too distracting.

    I tried lightening it but that just made it a lighter shade color, so it was still just as distracting. How do I make it fainter, like 20% gray?

    If possible, I'd like to do it with freeware.

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    so do you just want to lower the opacity of the graphic? you can do that with's built in editor to make life easy, or if you want to download a program I'd think most free image editing software programs have the ability to lower the opacity of an image. But yeah, you can just upload your graphic to photobucket, click the edit option, go to the layers tab, and lower the opacity to make the image fainter.

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