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    One Piece User Behavior on the One Piece Forum

    Dear One Piece fans, trolls and idiots...

    In the recent few months or more the One Piece Forums has started to look like the second coming of the Naruto section , with One Piece fans behaving like narutard insulting each other ideas, theories and generally being trolls...

    Well seeing as I pretty much hate anyone behaving like a narutard, I am going to have to start checking on this section more... So this is the only warning I'm giving ya, which basically means I will start handing out infractions and maybe even ban a few people....

    If ya don't like a person theories, and can't make a smart, understandable rebuttal to the theory then please keep your mouth shuts... I don't want to have to read multiple post of idiots saying " Your a dumb that theory doesn't make sense" or " lol your a dumb faggot"...

    Please remember to treat other members the way you would want to be treated, Some of us are adults so we need to be a more mature... But also please do not try and get offended at the slightest thing because it will make me want to give you a infraction you for wasting my time on some stupid shit...

    So basically knock off the shit and behave...

    Mister Death
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    JAC Founder/Leader

    \o/ Crack heads and take names Mister D!!!! <3 - thsv
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