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  • Arlong

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  • Crocodile

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  • Wapol

    2 8.00%
  • Foxy

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  • Eneru

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  • Spandam

    7 28.00%
  • Blackbeard

    8 32.00%
  • Akainu

    6 24.00%
  • Other

    2 8.00%
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    Pandaman. Oda should have never created him.

    I Love You!

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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey D. Luffy Fan View Post
    BB by far then Akainu, no one comes close these two for me. BB is a disrepectful pussy

    I just don't think BB deserves the #1 spot B/c of the cowardly way he does stuff. I mean if he @ least was a man and took down obstacles himself like Luffy, fine. At least Akainu had the conviction to go alone to follow through on his own talk, even if it was the crazy talk.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skull View Post
    Hmm my vote is for Akainu definitely. Not for what he did to Ace or any of that. I just don't like his personality, like how he can talk about being for justice and all that, then kill another marine just for wanting to see his family. The guy just really pissed me off ever since then, seems to me he cares more about killing then saving anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flare Blitz View Post
    Akainu no doubt, he's just one big a**hole
    Agreed, although, I have to say oddly enough part of the reason he's so bad is B/c I kinda respect him unlike the others
    Already voted for Akainu @ this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    For me it's Gin, he's not a choice so than Spandam.
    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post
    most hated...can`t say.....i used to hate arlong and after ID that hate slowly gone....maybe i`ll go with the tenryuubito^
    Used to hate Arlong but not enough. Croc just strikes me as too much of a cocky jerk, not exactly deserving of hate.
    But 2 really good choices here. 1 of them practically started specism/rascism W.E. you would call it, and classism in the OPU. And Spandam actually made some1 else literally so ingrained think that they were worse than a mistake, but something that like defiled the planet by being born into it, that's just heinous. On the plus/negative side though Akainu took both of these bad points and ran with them to the extreme so I guess he is the worst bastard.

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    Definitely Akinu then Kizaru then Lucci.

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    i used to hate arlong,but after re-reading the east blue saga.thought it might be a lesson about why discrimination is wrong. Arlong, after all, is a fishman supremacist who believes humans are inferior, and should be slaves. But in reading the dialog, this is not what Oda is trying to communicate.

    “Survival is the greatest victory,” Arlong tells an angry villager. “It’s good to live and to know your place. All creatures are not born equal.” In other words, do not resist.

    Rob Lucci and Spandam are hard-headed realists, and they know in a world of piracy and weapons of mass destruction, sometimes tough calls have to be made, Spandam argues:

    “If a hundred must due to save a thousand, we will kill a hundred on the spot without hesitation. true justice doesn’t involve sentiment.”

    Of course, Spandam is the one to make the decision on who to kill. He himself would never be put in the position that he would be the one to be killed for the sake of others. That’s simply ridiculous.

    and i think lucci and robin are similar in a way. They’re both child prodigies who have had the direction of their lives changed by the World Government. When Rob Lucci tells Sanji that CP9 members pity Nico Robin, I first considered it just another way for Rob Lucci to be cruel. But after seeing the CP9 cover arc, it’s possible that he really means it. Lucci is not a sympathetic character in any way, but it can’t be denied that this is not a life he choice for himself.

    Akainu seems more like Lawful Neutral. He will follow the laws of justice, doing good or evil as necessary, but avoids doing evil for personal satisfaction.

    well idk bout anyone but i dislike vivi (if she on the poll ,i will pick her),She is essentially a personification of selflessness. She may be a hereditary monarch, but she’ll be a benevolent dictator just like her father: able to make the right decision without the messy inefficiency of democracy. so in all she`ll be useless for the sh...and i`m glad she`s not joining.^
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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Fisher Tiger is a punk ass bitch.

    -----credit to Maximo for the kick ass ava----

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    after the war i don't think crocodile should be on that list, though noone voted for him

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    It's between Akainu and Spandam for me. Akainu for obviously killing Ace and Spandam was a complete ass towards Robin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dct21 View Post
    after the war i don't think crocodile should be on that list, though noone voted for him
    yeah i mean after the war croc is more of an anti hero than a bad guy. at least that is how i see him.
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Wapol!!!! How did that fat jerk dictator get miss Universe.... The bastard
    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    Hey scotty can you make a thread of How much milk Brooke drinks?
    My DoTA hero... Vote for it please!'sar

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