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Thread: Ring Ni Kakero

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    Ring Ni Kakero

    i am searching for ring ni kakero mangas

    it is made by the creator of saint seiya

    do you know anything about scanlation and translation?

    it is a manga about boxing

    although the outcome is more than predictable it has a nice story...
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    Nobody's scanlated Ring ni Kakero or its sequel yet, although Lurk has all the raws. After reading a bunch of them (I'm currently up to where you meet Jesus Cristo), though, a scanlation would be really awesome. If I knew how to edit or clean pages, I would gladly do translation for this, 'cause it ROCKS. XD

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    OK. I have in my files, the way to get at least half of the volumes of this series in Ring ni Kakero S1. Contact me at And we can discuss gaining 1 through 15 volumes in order to scanlate them and translate them.

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    Yo you need to toss those over to mangastream. Be f*cking amazing if they picked up Ring ni kakero as well as Desert Punk! Both awesome manga's but no one scans them.

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    If I send these to you would you be able to get a group to scan them?

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